A.T. Club company

     The A.T. Club was established in 2000 by highly experienced professionals in the tourism industry. As of today, the company is one of the most reliable tour operators in the field of corporate and individual tourism.
     Our main clients are experienced travelers that not only enjoy the quality and high level of service provided but also strive to be involved in the creation of the ideal trip.
     Providing professional help and inspiration, respecting our clients’ views and understanding their preferences, re-creating the boldest ideas about travelling into life, guaranteeing a high level of service everywhere – this is how we see modern luxury tourism.
     Our employees are always improving their qualifications; they regularly attend exhibitions, educational programs, and conferences throughout the globe, which is why we can guarantee that our clients receive the latest, up-to-date information. They will be the first ones to know about trends in each segment of tourism – be it the grand opening of a new design hotel, a hot-spot exhibition, or a presentation of a new aircraft.
     Our clients are offered freedom in the choice of services and types of vacation. Devoting much time to the creation of travel packages, pondering upon each destination, we provide them with the best options. Challenging tours are one of the strongest areas of A.T. Club. You won’t have to huddle with a jam-packed group, waiting for transportation or listening to a tedious tour guide. We come up with unique individual trips for those who don’t want to become a part of the crowd or perhaps want to try out oneself in the role of a local under the supervision of an experienced guide. Apart from that, we offer receptionist services for those who crave unforgettable memories, be it having dinner in the desert among sand dunes, a private tour of the Vatican, a ticket to a famous musician’s concert, or a personal yoga instructor.
     Each and every one of our clients is unique and of utmost importance to us. Many of them have become our close friends and the circle of our friendship expands with every year. This gives us certainty that our chosen path is the right one.